Dienstag, 4. Dezember 2007

Slow but steady progress

There was not much (visibile) activity in the last few weeks. This is mostly due to the fact that I've a new job since october. Have to learn a lot but can also help my co-workers with my knowledge (mostly about how to fight with msvc ;) ). I'm working with OpenSUSE 10.2 here. It's nice to work on a linux system at work after 3 years with winxp & msvc...

In the meantime Ralf updated his kdewin-installer a bit. It's now much more usable than before - the dependency checking is working now. Also a lot of other small problems are solved. For a complete changelog see here.
Saro was very active too. He found his place in the kde-edu project and tries to make the apps ready for 4.1. We can't release something which could be called stable for 4.0 on windows (it was never our plan) but we hope to get beta quality when kde arrives at 4.1. Saro also works on our emerge buildsystem. Looks like students have too much time ;)

Last weekend I had some time and used kdesvn-build to install kde4 on OpenSUSE 10.3 on my laptop. It was an easy task (used kdesupport from suse repository so I could start at kdelibs) and I hope that our emerge build system can do the same when it's ready. I also managed to start a kde4 session. Apart from some crashes all worked fine. But I wonder why X used > 50% CPU when I opened a plasma widget (e.g. the rss reader). My ati drivers are up-to-date so opengl/whatever should work fine.
The good thing is that I now could try to reproduce problems occurring on windows. For now I can say that most of the crashes/problems I have on windows are also happening on linux. So for all who think kde4/linux does not gain from our work here's the proof :)
I'm also thinking about moving to kde4/linux on my workstation - currently I see more need in a working kde4/linux than fixing some problems on windows. But this will not happen until I got a new workstation - my old duron1300 is simply to slow for a daily kde recompile :)

And if you wonder if I also do something else than working and hacking on kde4, here a picture from my last visit at home:

Due to the high temperatures in the last days Mr and Mrs snowman are already history... :(