Mittwoch, 23. April 2008

Status update

Long time no post so here a small status update.
Two weeks ago I participated the kate developer sprint in Darmstadt. I'm very glad that the kate devs invited me to their sprint and say thanks to Dominik who organized the meeting and Joseph Wenninger and BaSysKom for the dinners.
Although I could not help much within their design decisions I got a lot of insight how kate works and what it should be (apart from an easy text editor). I could also fix two annoying bugs (properly restore cursor and selection after Undo/Redo) which bothered me since the first day I used kate. :)

A new binary snapshot (4.0.70) is available during this day. We could not release .67 - .69 because we had some troubles with qt4.4-rc1 and I switched my build system to cmake 2.6.0-rc. It took more work than expected but it's a good test for the cmake devs to be backward compatible.

We're looking forward to split down our packages from e.g. one big kdeedu package to one package for each app. The problem is that I don't have a nice idea how to solve this with cmake so we get all our dependencies automatically. How do the Linux packagers solve this problem?

Mittwoch, 2. April 2008

Okteta / windows and new snapshot

As Friedrich Kossebau wrote I adjusted okteta to work on windows. But I must correct him in the number of adopted lines. In fact there are only two lines which are platform specific changes. The changes in khe_export.h were only needed because he forgot to change them as he changed the library names. It doesn't hurt on linux but it was wrong. So in the end there're only two changes left to make okteta compile on windows :)

I've also created new binaries (4.0.67). They should appear soon in the installer. kdesdk is missing because it was not compilable, but I already fixed it in svn.