Donnerstag, 2. August 2007

real life is calling and a note regarding kget

Just want to give a sign of life. Real life needs some attention and therefore I've no time for real kde4/win32 development. I'm moving to a new appartment in august and hope I'll get all done until september. The only problem I fear is that my internet provider told me that they need two weeks (in the best case) to switch my dsl to the new home... :(

In my holidays I met the kget developer Manolo Valdes. He lives in cuba and I'm very impressed how he contributes to kget development. Cuba is a socialistic country and a normal person can't have an internet connection at home. You only have a chance to get into the internet when you're working in a big firm which has a 'high'-bandwith internet connection (high means 256KBit/s for the whole firm). Due to some nice fortuities he managed to have a wireless connection from his home to the firm and can therefore go to the internet...
I think this effort should somehow be honored but I'm unsure how to do so. Sending something to cuba isn't a good idea because it mostly doesn't arrive where it should (The other way round it's the same - don't expect to get a postcard from cuba). The only way I see is to make holidays in cuba/varadero. My problem was that I did not know about Manolo two days before the flight and did not bring along anything usefull.
So if someone intends to make holidays in cuba, let me know or directly contact Manolo :)