Montag, 25. Februar 2008

Snapshot 4.0.63 binaries

This weekend I built binaries for 4.0.63 snapshot. Kopete should now work with jabber too.
For the next snapshot we plan to integrate okular - poppler, freetype and fontconfig are already built but we need some more time to test things :)

Dienstag, 12. Februar 2008

Snapshot 4.0.61 available

Finally managed to compile and upload 4.0.61. This time I included kdenetwork with kopete (tested only basic icq, jabber support will come with the next snapshot) and kdewebdev. Make sure to select the sourceforge mirror because still has 4.0.60.
Also created new phonon & amarok packages as the former ones did not work with the current snapshot.

Ralf also released a new version of the Installer. It got a major design rework and now uses libcurl for downloading. Please report bugs to b.k.o or to our mailing list.

As Saro pointed out here we're looking for maintainers who continuously build one kde package. Packaging is done by me (for now) but it would be nice to have someone who makes sure that the package compiles fine with msvc and mingw so I don't have to bother around with compile errors when I want to create a new package.
This would also allow me to do some more bugfixing :)

Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2008

Using KDE 4.0 on openSUSE

Yesterday I installed kde4.0 from the openSUSE repository. All went fine and after I found out how to enable xcomposite effects I'm now a happy use of kde4.0 :)
I'm very impressed by the new desktop. It's much cleaner than 3.5 - and this with nearly no configuration work. That's a big advantage over kde3 and windows because I and a lot of people who only want to work with the desktop just don't have the time or are to lazy to spend a day or two to configure the desktop for their needs. Especially when you use kde at work.

But I also have three annoying bugs - don't know if they're already in b.k.o.
The first one is that my trashcan don't like me and goes away on every login. The I've massive redraw problems since I updated kde this morning (it worked much better yesterday). Looks like the digital clock is the problem - I can only reproduce it once the clock gets away on a redraw:

And the last one (which is maybe related to the redraw problem) - the screensaver screws up my desktop. The only solution is to kill my x server.