Dienstag, 12. Februar 2008

Snapshot 4.0.61 available

Finally managed to compile and upload 4.0.61. This time I included kdenetwork with kopete (tested only basic icq, jabber support will come with the next snapshot) and kdewebdev. Make sure to select the sourceforge mirror because ftp.kde.org still has 4.0.60.
Also created new phonon & amarok packages as the former ones did not work with the current snapshot.

Ralf also released a new version of the Installer. It got a major design rework and now uses libcurl for downloading. Please report bugs to b.k.o or to our mailing list.

As Saro pointed out here we're looking for maintainers who continuously build one kde package. Packaging is done by me (for now) but it would be nice to have someone who makes sure that the package compiles fine with msvc and mingw so I don't have to bother around with compile errors when I want to create a new package.
This would also allow me to do some more bugfixing :)