Donnerstag, 1. November 2007

Next try - kde4 beta4 for windows

This time I made packages for msvc and mingw. This should make those happy who don't like msvc (but nevertheless use windows). Don't know if it's working - you'll see :)
I know for sure that the msvc ones work now without the crappy hack with the debug runtime libs. Simply used the same approach like you do on linux - compiled in release mode with debug informations. CMake already provides a a build type but I did not noticed this earlier...
Kopete does not work - I tried hard to understand how kopete and kwallet/kded/dbus work together but found no hint why it does not. I tried it on linux and everything was fine.
Oh - the dependencies in our kdewin installer do not work correct. So if an app complains about missing dll, try to find out in which package the dll is and install it. Sorry for this, but currently it looks like only two people have time to work on kde4/windows.
And please update your kdewin-installer to 0.8.1. I've added .tar.bz2 support to reduce the package size a little bit. This should reduce my upload time - uploading 1.5GB with 396KBit/s isn't fun...