Freitag, 25. Januar 2008

reporting bugs for kde/windows

Today I read the techbase talk to kde/windows and was a little bit disappointed. Not because of the many bugs reported - we did not announce anything stable so nobody can expect that his special app will run (some of the authors maybe forgot this). But of the animosity in some comments. Sometimes I've the feeling that the author once compiled a hello world program and now knows everything about programming. The curious thing is - Ralf and me did not get a single patch to fix issues in the installer.

So when you encounter bugs, please add them to - otherwise you've a high chance that they won't be read. Also when posting a bug please be as specific as possible. And for the installer - please wait for 0.8.6. We already released a first test version here. Bugs in the installer should be reported to kde-windows @

I know I'm rephrasing, but keep in mind that we do this in our free time and have also a reallife :)