Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2007

Small delay for kde4/beta3 packages for windows

Yesterday evening I found a bug in kstars which cause a crash on startup. Because I want to have a working kstars application in kdeedu package, I decided to do some investigation on this problem. After some debugging I could fine the problem and added a workaround (although a separated thread would be better there, I'll see if I find some time for this). Later this evening I had not time the rebuild the beta3 package for kdeedu 'cause I wanted to cheer my girlfriend on her table tennis match. Sadly it did not help much... :( We arrived back home one o'clock this morning and I initiated the packaging process hoping all compiles fine.
This morning I learned that I should never hope that something runs smoothly until it really worked - somehow the emerge script fetched an old header... this means that I've to restart with kdeedu this evening and after uploading all the stuff I'll let you know how to get the packages (and what to do to get it running)