Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2007

Still not released a snapshot of kde4/win32

I'm sorry but I still had no time to release a snapshot of kde4/win32.
There were two big problem I hit before I could even think of trying to compile kdelibs with our emerge-scripts.

The first one was Qt - looks like nobody ever did a 'make install' with Qt on windows. After five mails to qt-bugs I ended up with four public
four public task-tracker entries with no priorty... :(
At least qt now install all things correct with my local patches.

The second one was CLucene. As this dependency is now mandatory for strigi and soprano, I had to find out a way to compile it on win32. Thx to cmake a (more or less) small cmake script helped here. Now it compiled fine with msvc and this normally implies that it's no problem to get it compiling with mingw too. This was a big misapprehension (and a good example how not to write platform independend code). clucene-config.h is needed for mingw...
After adding ~60 configure-checks and a lot of iterations trying to compile strigi/soprano it finally worked.

This means that I can now start compiling kdelibs on windows but I wonder if I should wait for beta3.